Welcome to Carnations and Car Crashes!

This is a micro-manifesto of artwork stemming from the existence of being in the body of this orator, KRISTINE ESSER SLENTZ, or ‘tine as my friends now call me.

You’ll be receiving in your inbox all kinds of artwork in all kinds of art forms consisting of but not limited to

writing: prose, poetry, and prose poetry

audio: readings, musings, and melody

images: photography, paintings, and drawings

Additionally, I will list both virtual and in-person upcoming events, awards, and general love from the many related artsy communities. From time to time I will also include creative prompts, announcements of free workshops/Lives, recipes, thrifty finds, and craft pointers.

This will feel like a tête-à-tête with your spirited adopted aunt who kind of yammers on and on but there is usually a nugget of sparkly peridot somewhere in there for you to take into this distressing world. 

There will be no set schedule for when this little letter goes out. She comes when she comes. But always be on the lookout for it when you least anticipate it! I promise it’s better this way.

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It's all about observing the poetic recipe, really. Enjoy!